August 2021 Newsletter – Plan Out Your Fall Goals Now

Don’t underestimate what you can accomplish in just three months!

Ever heard of a 90-day or 12-week sprint?

The terms are common in the business world, where entrepreneurs use “sprints” to get a huge amount of important work accomplished fast. Instead of spending a little time on each item on a huge to-do list, they identify the major, game-changing tasks and hit them hard.

We use the concept in our gym!

Sometimes you’ll notice the results of our sprints—like a brand new program designed to help our members succeed faster. Other times, you won’t know exactly what we did—like when we upgrade our staff playbook behind the scenes to ensure you continue to get the very best experience every single time you train with us.

Whether you notice or not, trust that we’re always working on big projects.

I’d like to invite you to do the same.

August represents the end of summer, and there’s a transition coming: holidays generally end, kids go back to school, and the fall routine gets set into place. That routine usually runs from September until the holidays in winter.

I’d like to invite you to think about what you want to accomplish from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30. You can set personal goals like “pay off my credit card” or “finish that renovation project.”

But I also want you to set some health and fitness goals. If you really put your mind to it, what can you accomplish in the 91 days from the beginning of September to the end of November?

Here are some examples (the key is to be very specific and realistic):

“I want to string together 20 double-unders.”

“I’d like to lose 5 pounds I added over summer.”

“I’d like to use the green band instead of the purple one for pull-ups.”

“I’d like to get better at running by doing one extra workout a week.”

“I’d like to batch-cook enough food for four meals once a week.”

“I want to get to the gym four times a week every week.”

As August starts, I want you to think about your goal for fall. As the month continues, I’d like you to book a goal review session with me.

Click HERE to do so whenever you’re ready.

At that session, we’ll put together an exact plan to help you accomplish your goal. It might involve personal training, “homework” or extra workouts, advice on nutrition and stress management, accountability—whatever you need to succeed.

I’m a little ahead of the game: I already set a clear one-month goal for our gym. I want to meet with 40 clients to talk about their goals before the end of August. And my three-month goal: help 100 percent of my clients accomplish their goals by the end of November.

I can’t accomplish my goals with you! So be sure to click HERE as soon as you know what you want to accomplish.

And maybe you’re not sure what you want to do. That’s OK! Book a free appointment anyway. We’ll go over what you’ve done recently and help you set goals that will supercharge your training in fall.

Don’t underestimate what you can accomplish in just three months if you set your mind to it and call in some back-up from your coaches. Take a bit of time in August to think about what you want to accomplish and why, and let’s make it a September-October-November to remember!



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