August 2022 CrossFit Programming Focus

July flew right by! We threw down hard for July’s Mid-Year MiniComp (MYMC), and hopefully we were able to compete with friends, post some big scores, and have a great time doing it! We also saw some gymnastics pushing and pulling strength/ skill days throughout the month! A quick note on practice…just because we weren’t necessarily practicing full expressions of MUPS/ HSPU/ HS Walking doesn’t mean we weren’t improving.

There are lots of ways to get better at some of these high skill movements so hopefully we were able to get after some of the strength because it’s going to continue on into August! One of my favorite parts of the month were our brand new Remixed Girl Workouts: Helena, Fancy Nancy, Eliza & Beth, and Cindy-rella. Let’s chat about what’s in store for us in August!

In August, we are going to continue our gymnastics push/pulling work with a slightly different focus. Last month we prepped ourselves to be more comfortable with the higher skills. This month we can actually put some of that prep into action. We will see more traditional EMOM’s with higher skill movements. Each of these higher skill EMOMs will always come equipped with adjustments for athletes that are still building their capacity!

We will also see one day of Oly lifting sprinkled into the weeks to begin to grease the grooves for next month’s Oly cycle! We also will work on building our posterior chain with a weekly “Rump Pump” Finisher focused on glute engagement and development! The last bit of exciting news is we will see one Classic CF Benchmark workout per week along with our retest of Power Plus Amanda and new remix of Punch Out! We have a lot coming at ya in August so let’s get going!   

Weekly August Commitments

  • (1) Classic Benchmark Workout  
  • (1) Gymnastics Push or Pull Strength  
  • (1) “Rump Pump” Finisher 
  • (1) Olympic Lifting Day
  • August Benchmarks
  • Power Plus Amanda  
  • Haymaker (Remix of Punch Out)


Why Strength Training Is Important As You Age

People can do daily activities with a minimal amount of cardiovascular fitness, but when they don’t have the strength or the muscle power to do daily activities, that’s when they lose their independence. To build muscle, you need to do strength training!

CrossFit Workouts for Week of 2/12-2/17/2024

This week, we have some fun partner workouts, an infamous ‘girl” wod, and more skill prep for the upcoming Open. Check out what workouts we have in store for you this week!


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