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Workout Notes

– For today’s Main Lift, build to a heavy clean and jerk.

– Begin your first working set between 60-70% of your best clean and leave 10-20 lbs of room to add more weight on your 5th and heaviest set. DO NOT go as heavy as possible.

– For Accessory – I, complete all squats within the prescribed percentage range. Rest 3:00 between sets and focus on standing the bar up quickly.

– For Accessory – II, complete all hip extensions before advancing to the RDLs. Rest as little as possible.

Warm-up (No Measure)

4 sets:

:45 ski

:45 row

– Increase your pace with each set.

2 sets:

5 wall squats

:30 handstand shoulder taps

– Hold the bottom of each squat for :03.

1 set:

5-10 clean pulls

5-10 power cleans

5-10 hang squat cleans

5-10 split jerks

– Use an empty bar.

5 sets for load:

1 clean pull

1 power clean

1 hang squat clean

1 split jerk

– Build in load to your first working set.

Main Lift (9 Rounds for weight)

9 sets for load:

1 clean and jerk

– Rest 1:00 between sets.

– Add load once every 3 sets.

Accessory – I (3 Rounds for weight)

3 sets for load:

3 front squats

– All sets between 70-85% of 1-rep max.

Accessory – II (Checkmark)

For completion:

75 GHD hip extensions

75 DB RDLs (35/50 lb)

– Use 2 DB for the RDLs.



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