Barbell Club – Sat, Feb 4

CrossFit Fixx – Barbell Club


2:00 Row

3 x 6 Face Pull Overhead Squat

2 x 10 Half Kneeling Hip Hinge to Press

1:00 Hollow Hold

20 Hip Internal Rotation Progression

15 Bretzel

2 Rounds:

1st Round w/ PVC — 2nd Round w/ empty BB

10 OHP

10 BTN Snatch Grip Push Press

10 Front Squats

Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Push Press (6 Rounds for weight)

2×5 at 50/60% 1rm Push Press

1×3 at 70%

6×3 at 80%

Front Squat (2×5 at 50/60% 1rm Front Squat
1×3 at 70%
6×3 at 80%)

CORE STRENGTH OVERHAUL L-1 WOD 4 (4 Rounds for reps)

Perform 4 x max effort Stir the Pots.

Then complete 5 minutes max distance suitcase carry. Switch hands on the carry as needed

Optional Olly Lifting Extra Credit

2 x 15ea. Hip Flexor Stretch & Press

4 Rounds:

MAX Psoas March

MAX Hip Thruster Progression – Double Leg or Marching

2×1 minute foam roller thoracic extensions with overpressure

3 rounds:

x10 9090 Overhead Raise

x10 Band Z Press

x1 minute Overhead Carry


Why Strength Training Is Important As You Age

People can do daily activities with a minimal amount of cardiovascular fitness, but when they don’t have the strength or the muscle power to do daily activities, that’s when they lose their independence. To build muscle, you need to do strength training!

CrossFit Workouts for Week of 2/12-2/17/2024

This week, we have some fun partner workouts, an infamous ‘girl” wod, and more skill prep for the upcoming Open. Check out what workouts we have in store for you this week!


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