Barbell Club – Sat, Feb 4

CrossFit Fixx – Barbell Club


2:00 Row

3 x 6 Face Pull Overhead Squat

2 x 10 Half Kneeling Hip Hinge to Press

1:00 Hollow Hold

20 Hip Internal Rotation Progression

15 Bretzel

2 Rounds:

1st Round w/ PVC — 2nd Round w/ empty BB

10 OHP

10 BTN Snatch Grip Push Press

10 Front Squats

Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Push Press (6 Rounds for weight)

2×5 at 50/60% 1rm Push Press

1×3 at 70%

6×3 at 80%

Front Squat (2×5 at 50/60% 1rm Front Squat
1×3 at 70%
6×3 at 80%)

CORE STRENGTH OVERHAUL L-1 WOD 4 (4 Rounds for reps)

Perform 4 x max effort Stir the Pots.

Then complete 5 minutes max distance suitcase carry. Switch hands on the carry as needed

Optional Olly Lifting Extra Credit

2 x 15ea. Hip Flexor Stretch & Press

4 Rounds:

MAX Psoas March

MAX Hip Thruster Progression – Double Leg or Marching

2×1 minute foam roller thoracic extensions with overpressure

3 rounds:

x10 9090 Overhead Raise

x10 Band Z Press

x1 minute Overhead Carry


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