Barbell Club – Sat, Sep 2

CrossFit Fixx – Barbell Club

Workout Notes

In our final week of this lifting cycle, each day’s volume is a little lower to prioritize lifting as heavy as possible on the Main Lifts.

For the Main Lift, build toa. 3-rep-max bench press. Be sure to use a spotter and take a full 3:00 of rest between your heaviest sets.

Emphasize control on the descent and speed on the way up during warm-up sets.

For Accessory – I, build to a 7 rep-max hang power clean. The set must be unbroken, but you can rest in the front rack or the hang between reps.

Sets 1-3 should be similar in load to the first 3 weeks used in this cycle.


2 sets:

1:00 band pull-a-parts

:45 row

:30 push-ups

:15 kip swings

2 sets:

20 bench presses (building)

– Use very light loads

3-5 sets:

5 bench presses (building)

– Build in load to ~70% before beginning your triples.

Main Lift

Bench press:

– Build to a 3-rep-max.

– Rest 2:00-3:00 between attempts.

Bench Press

Accessory – I

5 sets for load:

7 hang power cleans

– Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.

– Build to a heavy set of 7 reps.

Hang Power Clean


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