CrossFit FIXX Coach/Athlete/Open Co-Captain Highlight – Anna Smith!!

“I first came to FIXX in May of 2017. I’ve known our fearless leader and owner, Brice, since high school, and am also close friends with his wife! We ran into each other at another friend’s house and he mentioned that he had just bought the gym near where I lived. He said he was starting up a bootcamp class and running a membership special, and I should come and check it out. So I did! And I was so sore after, I told my husband that it was a wake up call, emphasizing just how out of shape I was. I spent the first 6 months at FIXX doing bootcamp classes, before I transitioned to CrossFit classes.

I had no prior experience with a barbell, and hadn’t done much exercise since having my last baby. The barbell was intimidating, yet intriguing. I made sure the coaches all earned their money, because I asked a MILLION questions, every class, on form, technique, etc. to make sure I was doing things right. That is probably where the interest in coaching first sparked; I was always watching what others were doing, looking at form, breaking down the movements. When another coach suggested that I could be good at coaching also, I think I was sold. 

I had been taking Saturday rowing classes, when our coach for that left. Brice asked Ruth and I if we wanted to take over the class… I felt I couldn’t just get certified in rowing, but looked into the CrossFit Level 1 as well. Heiselle and I both took our Level 1 together, and it has been 2 years since we passed!

I love being a coach! I love helping people move, get stronger, improve their form. I want every person to have a great experience, each and every class. Being a teacher long ago, this satisfies that “inner teacher” in me!

Bright spots as a coach are simply when people have a great workout, or have a tip/technique “click” for the first time. I am always learning, as an athlete and coach. I love practicing with the barbell, especially the really technical stuff. Every day is something new, and I hope to keep doing this for a very long time!”


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CrossFit Workouts for Week of 2/12-2/17/2024

This week, we have some fun partner workouts, an infamous ‘girl” wod, and more skill prep for the upcoming Open. Check out what workouts we have in store for you this week!


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