CrossFit Fixx Member Highlight – Abby Cleveland!!

We asked Fixx athlete, Abby Cleveland, a few questions about her CrossFit journey…

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

“I had a desire to get back into a gym. I knew that CrossFit is a great all over body workout. I missed that feeling of a “good” soreness that comes with changing your body.”

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

“When I came first in for my trial class, I was a bit intimidated. Then, found out how friendly the athletes and coaches are. The coaches always do a fabulous job of making modifications to help me challenge myself.”

What was your first “bright spot”? (Positive moment)

“I climbed the rope!!! After being coached on the technique to use, I was successful!”

What are you working on now?

“I’m always striving to become stronger and build muscle.”

What is your favorite FIXX memory?

“A favorite memory is walking into a 5am class and Brice asking, “What brings you in so early?”  My response, “I don’t know?”, 5am is crazy early!!!…but REALLY it was because I couldn’t go to my preferred 6 am class, and I didn’t want to miss out on a workout.”

Do you have a favorite movement? Favorite WOD?

“I LOVE to jump rope!!! So that being said, any WOD’s that include jumping rope are my fav! It makes me feel young and it’s fun!”


How Do I Stay Motivated to Work Out?

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Talk with a coach about your goals. Get the plan to achieve them.


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