CrossFit Fixx Member Highlight – Chris Hughes!!

We asked Chris a few questions about his CrossFit journey..

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

“I have always liked CrossFit and gone to different boxes wherever I lived.  When I moved to the Catalina Highway area I noticed CrossFit Fixx was just five minutes from my house and couldn’t wait to check it out.”

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

“I have always loved the community aspect of CrossFit and that was my first impression. I have been to a lot of CrossFit gyms over the years and have had some pretty bad experiences. That was the thing that had me join and stay at Fixx. I remember my first day and having good conversations with some of the other members as well as the coaches. I love being a part of this gym.” 

What was your first “bright spot”? (Positive moment)

“After 10 years on and off of CrossFit, I don’t know what my first bright spot was, but I can think of my most recent one since joining Fixx. When I joined Fixx it had been years since I had been doing CrossFit consistently. About 3 months after I joined, we started a strength cycle and at the end I tested my back squat. I was able to squat just 5lbs less than my all-time PR from 6 years prior. That was amazing for me. I can’t wait to break my PR soon.”

What are you working on now?

“I am currently working on finding a good balance of how to push myself without injuring myself. I have thrown out my back more times than I care to admit.”

What is your favorite FIXX memory?

“Every day at Fixx is a good day. As I said earlier I loved testing my max back squat. I love max days because it is fun to lift, but there’s also more time for hanging out with everyone.”

Do you have a favorite movement? Favorite WOD?

“My favorite movements are pull ups, rowing and power cleans, I don’t know of any WOD that I would say is my favorite.”



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