CrossFit FIXX Member Highlight – Jeff Keeme!

Hear how Jeff has fallen for CrossFit over the past year!

“I got an invite from a couple friends that were enjoying the challenge that Bootcamp presented to them. I initially was not interested, but a bit of peer pressure got me to my first
early morning session.

My first impression of CrossFit FIXX was walking by after being at a Bear Canyon Pizza. This was well before participation in my first class. I remember seeing people jumping up and down on a box and that confused me. The view has changed in that I now understand the challenge of jumping up and down on a box. I’m presented with new challenges weekly and that’s a large part of the enjoyment.

The bright spot for me is just the general feeling of well-being. I felt pretty good prior to incorporating CrossFit into my weekly routine, but after nearly a year of CrossFit I couldn’t imagine going back to what I felt like before. Everything just feels easier after a CrossFit workout.

The intensity of my workouts I feel reflect the food choices I may have made the day prior. Dialing in my nutrition has been a challenge and is certainly one aspect I am currently focused on. I love that my wife Allison is enjoying CrossFit also. Every opportunity I have to join a class with her is my new favorite memory.”



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