CrossFit FIXX Member Highlight – Leann Cribb!!

We asked Fixx athlete Leann Cribb a few questions about her CrossFit journey..

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? 

“I have exercised on and off for years but had taken a “break” that lasted longer than it should have, so I needed to get back into it. My daughter had done CrossFit while she was deployed with the AF and took me to a class when she got back. I really enjoyed it, and my biggest goal is to get stronger, so CrossFit fits the bill. It also helps that CrossFit FIXX is very close to home.”

What was your first impression? How has that changed? 

“My first impression was that I would never be able to do a lot of the lifting, etc., and that I would embarrass myself in front of the “regulars.” However, I have found that I can do most of the movements going at my own pace, and the “regulars” are very encouraging!”

What was your first “bright spot”? (Positive moment) 

“Honestly, my first bright spot was making it through my first workout. Every workout I finish is a bright spot and a great way to start my day.”

What are you working on now? 

“We are doing nine-week strength training/building, so I am focusing on getting my form perfected and solid as I build up my strength.”

What is your favorite FIXX memory? 

“Not really a memory, but Brice, Heiselle, and Anna are all very patient and encouraging and find modifications to movements I cannot do (yet). I have had carpal tunnel surgery on one wrist, and I’m trying to avoid it on the other and the modifications make it possible for me to complete the workout without pain or further injury.”

Do you have a favorite movement? Favorite WOD? 

“I like to row!”


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