CrossFit FIXX Member Highlight – Lisa Brady!

“I think it was March of 2016 when I officially started at Crossfit Fixx. Our kids had been going to the kids class at Fixx before I was a member so I was familiar with the gym and the staff. I had dropped in a few times when Dan and Anne would host Lift up Luke or if I needed to get an early workout in. Everyone was friendly and always accommodating. 

Since joining I usually attend 6 days a week and couldn’t imagine giving it up. It is how I start my morning everyday, it is my stress reliever, my sanity savor, and of course my morning entertainment with the 5am crew. I have met some great people while at Fixx. 

My gym highlights/ bright spots have been being able to see my kids getting their first pullup, muscle ups, etc and when I can do CrossFit competitions and have Matt or one my kiddos be my partner. 

My goal is too keep in shape and to keep pushing myself to improve on what I am able to do. I love that the people that I work out with me can push me and encourage me to try and

do my best.  It’s no secret that I will take rowing over running any day and lower body movements like squats over upper body movements like the heinous handstand push-ups.” 



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