CrossFit FIXX Member Highlight – Open Co-Captain and Athlete, Jonna Tornquist!

“When your sister-in-law and her husband open a CrossFit gym you show up to support their dream. I was convinced those first workouts were purposely designed to kill me and my one and only fitness goal became to just not die. There has been no other form of exercise that has humbled, challenged, motivated and fulfilled me more than CrossFit.

What are my Bright spots? Jonna style. Jonna arms. My daily soreness inventory. Balls! (Hello 8:30 morning gals!) I do what I can do. No scale is too great or too humiliating. Every once in awhile I surprise myself with a PR or an RX workout. I was super excited to FINALLY get my toes to bar and pull-ups this past fall! It has been quite the journey, with obstacles along the way, but I think it’s finally starting to come together. Except for the elusive double unders. They are this year’s goal. Again. Still. I thought I had them, once, back in 2014. Then Dan, in his gentle sweet way, with the “Oh, poor Jonna” look on his face, told me that I was just jumping really fast. Gotta love that humble pie!

Whether eating pie (the real kind right after class or during ROM WOD) or completing Hero WODS, Murphs, Opens, or workouts in the park and behind the building during quarantine, the members of FIXX show up for each other. I can’t remember what yesterday’s WOD was, but I will always remember the encouragement, elation, banter, laughter and even the tears that we all have shared. I’ve been lifted and rescued over and over. For nearly 7 years, CF FIXX has been my lifeline. I’m looking forward to the Open and all of us being together again.”



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