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CrossFit FIXX Member Highlight – Traci Fitch!!

“I had a few friends who spoke of Crossfit but I never knew what it actually entailed. Other types of gyms were not cutting it for me as I wanted that extra encouragement from coaches. I researched gyms in my area and Fixx was top choice from what I read online. Everything from the coach bios to member testimonials was awesome. I joined without hesitation for the main goal of getting stronger.

As an adaptive athlete, it was intimidating at first thinking I wouldn’t be able to do some of the movements. Right from the start all of the coaches have supported and created adaptations to accomplish every WOD. They have helped me discover that I CAN do certain movements I thought I couldn’t achieve. No longer intimidated, now empowered to keep learning and keep making those gains.

My first bright spot was after many attempts of practicing a new barbell movement and it finally “clicked”. Now, I am working on running longer distances! And of course always working on getting stronger and improving lifts.

All of the Crossfit Open Friday night lights events are a favorite memory. It’s an incredible uplifting community of coaches, athletes and their families all cheering everyone on.”

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