CrossFit – Wed, May 17


Saturday, July 8th – SUMMER SOLSTICE

3-person team competition!

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Dynamic warm-up | 5:00

1 set:

10 leg swings/leg

10 lateral leg swings/leg

10 banded deadlifts

10 banded squats

10 banded pull-aparts

1 set:

10 arm swings across

10 arm swings overhead

10 torso twists/direction

10 banded deadlifts

10 banded squats

10 banded pull-aparts

230517 (7 Rounds for weight)

– RX –

7 sets for load:

1 power clean

1 hang power clean

1 jerk


Same as Rx’d


7 sets for load:

3 power cleans

3 hang power cleans

3 jerks

Skill Work (No Measure)

Rest, stretch, recover

Stretching (Checkmark)

3 sets:

20 banded pull-aparts

:30 wrist extension stretch/arm


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