CrossFit Fixx Member Highlight – David Smith!!

We asked Fixx athlete, David Smith a few questions about his CrossFit journey…

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?  

“I started CrossFit while I was living in Pensacola, FL. I was looking for something to blow off steam from flight training, as well as something to do with my friends. The 5 of us would go to the 0500 class and workout before our classes or flights started. I came to CrossFit FIXX because there was a coupon on my Safeway receipt, and the building was right
next to my apartment. Once rugby picked up, I was strength training here and doing cardio with the team.”

What was your first impression of CrossFit? How has that changed?

“The first impression was overwhelming. The 5am class is a breed of their own; their energy is loud, but the way they cheer and support each other is contagious and welcoming… regardless, I quickly realized I am not a morning person! The 6am is much more my pace. All the coaches seem to genuinely care about each person as an athlete and person. Here, you’re not “just a client”; they seem to want to teach you and push you to get better, encouraging growth and offering modifications to the workouts.” 

What was your first “bright spot”? (Positive moment) 

“My personal shining moment was climbing the rope and touching the ceiling. It’s something I never thought I’d be able to do. Also, after buying the HR monitor, earning (and re-earning) the different tiers (e.g. iron, bronze, silver, gold) is satisfying!”

What are you working on now? 

“Currently, I am working on changing my eating habits and trying to lean out.”

What is your favorite FIXX memory?

” Sounds cliché, but every new class is a new favorite memory. Even when you have a rough workout, saying hi to everyone by name as classes rotate make the gym feel like home. Hanging out with the classmates outside the gym creates a family bond. Celebrating others’ successes and having them cheer you on helps motivate everyone.” 


How Do I Stay Motivated to Work Out?

Some people are always fired up to hit the gym, but others find it harder to get moving and stay moving.

If you struggle with motivation at times, here are four tips to help you!


Talk with a coach about your goals. Get the plan to achieve them.


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