December 2021 CrossFit Programming Focus

It’s December already my fit friends!

Before we look at the capstone of the year, let’s take a gander at the month past, November! The final focus of the year brought us into a whirlwind of all out EFFORT workouts 2x/week. These workouts have been living in the 7:00-15:00 range, consistently task oriented, and usually the ones leaving us on the floor after yelling “TIME!”.

Some of the Benchmarks that we tested in November were placed strategically to elicit that feeling; “Power Plus Amanda”, Grace, Diane, just to name a few! These were all spread out over the month and stayed in line with our 1+ Named or Classic Named Workout goal that we set out to meet. We also culminated the 6 week volume prep with “Chad” the Hero Workout on Veteran’s day (11/11).

In the Strength department, we have leaned into an increased presence of the Overhead Squat + Snatch as well as introducing some additional strength building days with Squats, Bench Press, and Deadlifting at least once a week in our programming after some extremely valuable feedback from our beloved community! Keep the suggestions coming, we love to hear from you! 

Now we are on to the FINAL COUNTDOWN – December!

We have had a fantastic year of fitness and we are so happy you were along for the ride! December carries the torch from the previous month with the same weekly commitments.

These strength sessions started in November with tempo and positional work and are evolving to heavier loading that manifests itself both through the Strength as well as some look at heavy bars in workouts. 

As we look to finish in the strongest of ways for December, we have some storybook ending benchmarks to retest before entering into the new year. We will see both the Heavy 1-Rep Snatch as well as Clean and Jerk, your final attempt at “Death Row” for the year, D.T., Rannie, a slew of Holiday favorites including 12 Days of Christmas, and finish out with the timeless Classic, “Fran”! 

Weekly Dec. Commitments

  • All out EFFORT workout 2x/Week
  • Increased presence of Overhead Squat + Snatch
  • 1 Powerlifting Day
  • 1 Oly/Complex Day 
  • 1 New or Classic Named Workout 

December Benchmarks

  • Heavy 1-Rep Clean and Jerk + Snatch
  • Death Row
  • D.T.
  • Rannie
  • Fran
  • 12 Days of Christmas

December is going to be a great month – Hold on tight!!



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