December 2023 CrossFit Programming Focus

November was filled with highlights! Big workouts, big lifts, and big wins.

We kicked off our final strength cycle of the year and are working through a 5-week wave loading scheme of the Back Squat, Push Jerk, and Deadlift. These lifts will all be retested in December.

We also ‘stepped up’ to victory on Veteran’s Day by completing Chad – 1000 Reps of Box Step-Ups! Our conditioning in November saw well-balanced RPEs and workout types as we settled into more of a GPP focus. Lastly, we saw (3) Thanksgiving-themed workouts – all big workouts for the big meals to follow!


December is all about staying consistent through the final month of the year and prepping to hit the ground running in 2024! We begin this month by finishing our strength cycle and testing all 3 movements in the second full week of December.

On these testing days, the strength portion will take priority, and the workouts will be short burners to make sure everyone has enough time to lift…and hit some PRs!

For our Christmas workouts, we will see a new version of the 12 Day of Christmas on Saturday before XMAS. This has always been one of the most fun workouts of the year!

We will also have an NYE-themed workout and an NYD-themed workout to ring in the new year! The final 2-3 weeks of the month will consist of non-stop, tried and true CrossFit programming.

This will give the year a well-rounded finish with classic workout styles and help prime us for January…and the 2024 CrossFit Open!

Recap of Workout November Highlights 

  • Final Strength Cycle Started: Back Squat/ Deadlift / Push Jerk
  • (3) Thanksgiving Themed Workouts  
  • Hero Workout Chad (11/11)  
  • GPP Conditioning Focus

December Workout Highlights 

  • Strength Focuses…
    • Test 1-Rep Back Squat/ Push Jerk / Deadlift 
    • (1) Barbell Complex 
    • (1-2) Barbell Strength Days 
  • Metcon Focuses…
    • (2-3) Moderate Time Domains
    • (1-2) Short Time Domains 
    • (1-2) Long Time Domains 
    • (3) Holiday Themed Workouts 
    • New Years Eve + New Years Day Themed Workouts 

It’s going to be an exciting month!!

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