December Programming Focus

November feels like it just started and here we are already transitioning into the FINAL MONTH of 2020…thank goodness!

We saw our strength focus shift in November from Heavy 10s to Heavy 5s in the Front Squat, Push Press, and Deadlift. This was a bit of a unique strength cycle because we had athletes build up to a working weight for the day and stay at that weight across their working sets. This allowed them to get more reps in at heavier weights unlike the building sets where only the last few sets were truly heavy. This hopefully translated into big gains from week 1 to week 7 of our strength focus. We also used a transition week during the week of Thanksgiving to give athletes traveling the opportunity to not get a week behind the strength cycle. We also saw some iconic Benchmark Workouts with “Redline” and “Cornucopia”. We are excited to dive into December to finish our strength cycle and end the year with a BANG!

With the last month of the year near on the horizon let’s talk about what everyone is going to be getting into! As mentioned above, the week of 12/14 we will finish up our strength cycle by testing our Heavy 5s and we are looking forward to some serious gains! The final 2 weeks of the year will be dedicated to getting some exposure to strength movements our athletes don’t traditionally see and to give them a little priming for the beginning of Phase 1 for 2021! We think this is a great opportunity to teach everyone new movements without getting wrapped around a new strength cycle…that will come in January so fear not! The last two weeks should be focused on moving well, learning something new, and getting ready to hit 2021 running! We will also be seeing the return of some of our FAVORITE holiday Benchmark Workouts including the “12 Days of Christmas”! We will probably sneak one more holiday surprise before the year is out so keep your eyes peeled!

December Leaderboard Challenge

December’s fitness challenge is testing the 400 meter run! We will conduct Test 1 on Saturday, 12/5 and Test 2 on Saturday, 12/19. Mark your starting and final times on the chalk wall and work your way to your best 400m time! During the rest of the month, follow this training plan to ensure you time improves: Each M/W – Run 600m. Tu/Th – Every 2 minutes for 3-4 sets: Run 200m. Let’s hit December running!!



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