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February 2021 Programming Focus

January was a great start to the fresh New Year! We came out strong with our Baseline Benchmark Workouts to establish a clear picture of our fitness after the holidays and the rollercoaster of the year leading up to them. These will be retested in July and again at the end of 2021.

Our goal for the beginning of this year was to begin implementing Skill work twice a week as we lead into the revamped Open schedule that is officially kicking off on March 11th! As far as our other Benchmark Workouts go, we saw some classics as well as newly created ones. In those classics, “The Chief ” reared it’s vicious head…and not for the last time this year! We also have begun highlighting some of our favorite workouts of the week as a new Benchmark named workout, this month’s was “Punch Out”! Expect to see new named Benchmarks each and every month ahead!

Going into month 2, February, we will continue with our theme of Skills and Drills as well as putting ourselves into some inescapable AMRAPs simulating the stimulus we will inevitably see in the Open. Our Bi-Monthly plan for Jan-Feb began with some foundational Skills such as the Strict Pull-Up and will continue to gear towards higher skill movements like Muscle-Ups and Handstand Work. These two movements, in particular, now come with different options in the Workout description to better serve our athletes and coaches with movements designed to reach the intended stimulus of that high skill, and we will continue to do so.

Benchmarks for this month include everyone’s classic favorites…Fran and Grace! Along with these masterpiece benchmarks we also include build to a Heavy Single in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Since we’re on the topic of a barbell, we are pleased to announce and you will be pleased to know that “Cali-Bear” is coming out of hibernation in February….GET HYPED! Some of these Benchmarks don’t particularly line up with our Skill and AMRAP focus, but are necessary to get tested early to get an effective snapshot before we see them again later in the year…we can’t get enough Cali-Bear!

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