February 2022 CrossFit Programming Focus

January has come to an end and we are halfway through the first Bi-Monthly focus of 2022! We came out with a bang this year with an 8-week Overhead Squat cycle, a first for Fixx. The first few weeks started with higher volume work increasing exposure to the lift itself for newer athletes. As the weeks have been progressing, so has the loading. As January closes out and we come to the midway point of the OHS cycle, we have toyed with some heavier weights and should be feeling ready to finish out the following weeks and Re-test at the end of Feb. As far as Benchmarks go, we started the month off with “The Assignment”, a classic couplet featuring our new movement focus, the OHS. We then moved to the Gold Coast for some “California Love”, an ode to the “Cali-Bear”, our third Benchmark seen in January! The month finished with two from the archives, the ever classic, “Kelly” and the tough “Push. Pull.” to wrap up the month’s benchmarks. We set the goal of including a classic or new named workout weekly and will be continuing this fun trend going forward. Speaking of going forward, let’s talk February!

February is upon us, and we are in full swing of this Overhead Squat cycle, our biggest focus for the first 8 weeks of the year. We are now beginning to move some serious weight and should be feeling great as we get into the final weeks! Week 6 will see the OHS twice as we inch closer to the Heaviest load we can for a new triple. This week will be important for us to make sure we stay under that 100% mark and go into our deload week 7 on a win, setting us up for success in the final week 8. The last week of the cycle lines up directly with the first week of the Open, a tradition that we are excited to continue this year. What better time to hit a PR and feel the sense of achievement than right before kicking off some friendly competition!

We have been incorporating skills weekly alongside strict gymnastic strength, both at least 1x per week since January, and you can expect this to continue through the month of February. Some of the guaranteed benchmarks that we will see this month include “Punch Out”, “Straight 100”, as well as the culmination of the Strength cycle with a Heavy 3-Rep OHS. Of course, that’s not all the benchmarks as we continue to include a new or classic named workout weekly, so keep your eyes peeled! This is going to be a great month of fitness, and as our first bi-monthly focus wraps up, we can begin to see the fruits of the labor going into the Open! 

January/February Overhead Squat Cycle

  • Week 1 of 8 (1/3) – Working Week, 4×6 @ 80%
  • Week 2 of 8 (1/10) – Working Week, 2×6 @ 85 / 2×3 @ 90%
  • Week 3 of 8 (1/17) – Working Week, 4×3 @ 90%+
  • Week 4 of 8 (1/24) –  Working Week, 3×6 @ 85%
  • Week 5 of 8 (1/31) – Working Week, 4×3 @ 92%
  • Week 6 of 8 (2/7) – Working Week,  2×3 @ 95% / 1×3 @ <100%
  • Week 7 of 8 (2/14) – Deload Week, 4×3 @ 80%
  • Week 8 of 8 (2/21) – Heavy 3-Rep 

Weekly February Commitments

  • Overhead Squat Cycle
  • Strict Gymnastic Strength
  • 1 Skill Day
  • 1 New or Classic Named Workout   



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