Happy New Year

A lot of people are very happy to bid farewell to 2020. It was a tough year for everyone!

But I want to remind you of something, and I know it will resonate with you: You made it through, and you’re stronger because you overcame a host of challenges.

I know this will make sense to you because you have an interest in fitness and you understand that hard work makes us stronger. Think of 2020 like a very hard workout: You got through it because you’re tough and determined.

I won’t throw a bunch of exercise science at you, but I’ll just mention the SAID principle—specific adaptation to imposed demands. In short, your body changes based on stimulation. Sit around for months and your body will shed unused muscle. But if you stress those muscles regularly, they’ll adapt and become stronger. We use this principle when creating workouts, but its effects can be seen outside the gym, too.

In 2020, we all ran into a lot of challenges, but we worked through them, and we’re stronger. Now, we’re better prepared for new challenges.

Another thing to remember: 2020 was BETTER because you care about fitness. You’ve heard the same things I have: The pandemic is causing stress, depression and anxiety. But exercise is one of the best ways to cope and feel better. Want more info? Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic—and keep moving!

I expect 2021 to have its share of challenges, too. But I feel a huge sense of accomplishment after a tough 2020, and I’m ready for 2021. I’m going to use fitness to stay happy and confident, and I’m going to rely on our community for inspiration and support.

If you’re feeling down after a tough 2020, or if you want to make a plan to light a fire in 2021, drop me a line. Consider it an open invitation: Contact me any time motivation is low or if you ever want to talk about how you can accomplish goals faster. I’m here for you!

And stay tuned for lots of great things this year. We’ll be in touch with regular updates as the world changes, and we’ll always be a rock for you. We’re driven to improve and find the best ways to keep you moving no matter what.

From all of us to you and yours, happy New Year!


P.S. If anyone you know is feeling down and might benefit from some movement, feel free to connect us. We’d love to help!


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