January 2021 Programming Focus

Happy New Year! 2020 is behind us and we couldn’t be more excited about what 2021 has to offer.

Before diving into what this looks like, let’s take a quick recap look into December and pay homage to everything you athletes accomplished during the holiday month!

In December, athletes continued to grind away at their strength cycle slowly but surely working their way towards new 5 rep maximal lifts (5RM’s). The cycle that started in November took the idea that we wanted athletes to build up to and stay at a weight for their working sets. By staying at these “heavier” weights for all their working sets, athletes got more exposure to the heavier loads that they were normally used to building to, so they were able to grow their strength simply by having more time under a heavy barbell! The second full week of December saw everyone tackling those new 5RM’s and we KNOW everyone walked away from that week with some big wins!

Now let’s talk about 2021. Overall, we are looking at a month of high-quality, very classic GPP (general physical preparedness) with our Baseline tests kicking us off! In 2020, we tested “Test Flight’ versions of our Baseline workouts as a dry run on what would become the new updated 2021 versions. These are reliable and repeatable tests of fitness. January starts off by introducing these updated versions that we will ultimately see again later on in the year in July.

2020 hit the fitness space in the last couple of weeks by announcing a new change to the CrossFit Open that the now 3-week competition will be happening in February, as opposed to the original March 5-week date. This doesn’t change anything for us; our goal of improving upon skills remains the same with an emphasis on the commonly seen movements. As we inch closer to this date, there will be workouts that resemble the style of programming often seen in the Open.

Buckle up, athletes, 2020 was great but now it’s time to hit the ground running into 2021!


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