July 2022 CrossFit Programming Focus

Well, we are officially HALFWAY through 2022 and MAN have we accomplished a lot.

It has been an exciting training journey so far and we still have the second half of the year to grow! Let’s take a quick look back at all the amazing feats we tackled in June before unveiling the exciting July focuses!

Let’s just come out and say it…WENDLER WAS AWESOME! Over a 9-week span, everyone got stronger and crushed their old 1-Rep weights…no better way to finish a strength cycle than hearing that PR bell ring!

We also worked on some Strict/ Kipping Pull-Up prep, which leads nicely into one of our next focuses that we’ll cover in a minute. We continued working on building a strong core by adding 2 ab finishers into workouts each week and I know I felt a difference, so hopefully everyone else did too!


July is going to be absolutely off the hook with fun and fitness! Our main spotlight falls on the Mid-Year Mini Comp. We will have 3 workouts, starting on the 15th, that will be programmed for class on the last 3 Fridays of the month. We will throw down and if we feel inclined to, post scores on social media to fire up the rest of the community and give others some time to chase!

We will also see some classic named girl workouts but they will have a unique twist on them…maybe that means heavier bars, longer rounds, who knows?! All I can promise is that they will be challenging and fun as hell!

The last two highlights for this month are our Gymnastics Push and Pull days. These are meant to focus on building capacity in some of the higher skill movements like HSPU or MUPS that we are all itching to learn or get better at. We are excited to bring this focus to everyone in hopes that we can see some serious progress! 

NCMETCON Weekly July Commitments

  • Mid-Year Mini-Comp
  • (1) Girl Workout Weekly…but with a TWIST! 
  • (1) Gymnastics “Push” Focused Skill/Strength Day
  • (1) Gymnastics “Pull” Focused Skill/Strength Day

NCMETCON July Benchmarks

  • Straight 100 
  • Cali Bear
  • 4 New Benchmarks



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