June Programming Focus

These past few months have been nothing like we’ve ever experienced. We have all made adjustments to our daily routines and workouts. No doubt this has been challenging for a lot of us. This month we are going to work on ramping everyone back up and getting proper amounts of volume, loading, and heavy breathing that will leave everyone tired but not completely wrecked.

So what does that mean? It means we are going back to the basics of strength and conditioning — Tempo Back Squatting, Strict Press, Deadlift, and of course Bench Press. We will keep things in sets of 5 to help athletes choose more moderate loading and to help them get reacquainted with a barbell and a more structured strength cycle. Our conditioning pieces (workouts) will still be fun and exciting but you will definitely see complexity progress from the beginning of the month through the end of the month.

Even if some athletes have been using a fully outfitted home gym and sticking to their routine, they can still get A LOT of benefit from this “ramp-up month.” As always remember that too much loading, too much volume, or too much intensity can set you back big time. Let’s stay disciplined and only add a little extra weight or a touch of intensity…it will go a long way! We are excited to get folks back in the gym, but more than anything else we want to make sure athletes train smart, stay injury free and don’t push too hard too fast.

This month’s programming will get you back into a groove with amazing strength pieces and workouts! 

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