May 2021 Programming Focus

March and April were too much fun and personally…I hate to see the Squats and Oly bias go back to their more traditional appearances throughout the week rather than each 2x a week!

There were some massive gains to be had during this time and we got to play with some of our favorite benchmarks like D.T.  and Cali-Bear, two workouts that couldn’t exemplify the benefits of an Olympic lifting focus any better!

Women’s month in March brought the launch of our Women Make Waves movement and we loved seeing and highlighting the amazing work done by the ladies in our community. We wrapped up the month with the Leading Ladies of Fitness featuring some classic and new Girl Workouts, a Hero Workout, and NCFit’s very own Sweet Caroline and we can’t wait to see these again in the future!

It’s May! The sun is coming out, the weather is getting warmer, and after the strength focus we had the last two months, it’s time to bias our training towards conditioning.

While we won’t ever have singular monostructural modality days, we will be leaning towards longer workouts at least twice a week (21:00+), so don’t worry…the dreaded 5k won’t be showing up! We will however see one of the best pure conditioning tests we have, Death Row!!!

Over the course of the next two months, we are training to increase our aerobic endurance with this method that will increase overall performance both in the gym and out! Along with our conditioning work, expect to see some more dedicated accessory work 3x a week in the form of Finishers, Extended Warm-Ups, and focused Cooldowns that will utilize some new never before seen in our programming movements! Roll up those sleeves and let’s PUMP YOU UP!

As far as some other Benchmarks go, we love celebrating our holidays with a themed test. This year for Cinco De Mayo we have added “NCFIT Cinco” as an optional Benchmark to get the fiesta going! The final day of May is Monday the 31st, Memorial Day. We of course will be adding the perennial Hero Workout, MURPH to honor the day and those we have lost in service. This workout is a serious amount of volume for athletes of ALL levels and will be lead into with bodyweight (vest optional) workouts to prepare for the big day.

Get ready for a great month of fitness!



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