November 2021 CrossFit Programming Focus

October is good and gone, my friends!

We had a fantastic Sept/Oct focus of Gymnastic work and saw all of our athletes’ abilities improve. The last two months contained a focus centered on all gymnastics, beginning early in September with Strict and Tempo variations to build a foundation of controlling the body in the correct positions and movement patterns. This building block for more advanced gymnastics was put in place in Sept. and began morphing and transitioning to more dynamic variations, going from Strict Pull-Ups to Kipping and even Butterfly technique work. We saw this manifest in our programming 2x weekly as either a Strength or Skill piece.

When October began, we tested Max Efforts on Pull-Ups and Toes to Bar that was repeated and retested at the end of the month. When it comes to the Benchmarks that made an appearance in October, these included the planned: “Point Break”, “Cali-Bear”, “Ripcord”. We also threw some new additions into the mix including the awesome WOD, “Ellen”.

Last but not least was the addition of our Optional finishers to begin building Step-Up volume in preparation for our Veteran’s Day workout “Chad” on 11/11. This is a monstrous number of Step-Ups and we included a 6 week volume prep leading into this big day.

November is here and this year is flying by in a hurry.

We have sown the seed for the year and now it is time to reap the harvest. In the final two months we are going to be diving into the culmination of all our hard work with a very well rounded and classic feeling final 8 weeks.

In the workout department of things, the goal is to clearly feel what the stimulus of our EFFORT workouts is 2x/week with “For Time” Metcons in the 7:00-15:00 time frame, including broad ranges of skill and strength and speed within that time domain.

This leads us into our weekly commitments for November. Expect to see an increased focus and emphasis on Overhead Squatting, including Skill + Strength development that will also see itself play out in Snatching more often. This will also include the addition of both an Olympic lifting session and/or complex as well as a powerlifting day (Press/Squat/Deadlift) each week.

We are fired up to finish this year strong, but the work is not done yet!

Weekly Nov. Commitments

  • All out EFFORT workout 2x/Week
  • Increased presence of Overhead Squat + Snatch
  • 1 Powerlifting Day
  • 1 Oly/Complex Day
  • 1 New or Classic Named Workout

November Benchmarks

  • Power Plus Amanda
  • Fight Gone Bad
  • Chad
  • Grace
  • Chief
  • Diane


  • Week 1 of 6 (10/4) – 125/75 & 250/150 Step-Ups
  • Week 2 of 6 (10/11) – 400/200 Step-Ups
  • Week 3 of 6 (10/18) – 550/300 Step-Ups
  • Week 4 of 6 (10/25) – 700/400 Step-Ups
  • Week 5 of 6 (11/1) – 400/200 Step-Ups
  • Week 6 of 6 (11/8) – CHAD on 11/11


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