November 2023 CrossFit Programming Focus

Last month, we got SPOOKY STRONG as we finished up our short-wave loading cycle for the Power Clean/ Bench Press/ & Front/Overhead Squat. We retested some Benchmark workouts, and we also hit some fun new Workouts of the Week, including a challenging new Halloween workout!

We saw gymnastics skill/ strength work 1-2 times a week, and we saw our conditioning switch to more of a GPP (general physical preparedness) focus. All this means is there will be less focus on Longer/ Shorter workouts or intervals, and we instead will focus more on general conditioning.

Practicing with multiple time domains multiple times per week will continue to build a stronger base for the CrossFit Open coming in February.   


November is going to be STUFFED full of fitness, starting with the second piece of our final strength cycle! This will be the same wave loading we saw in October, but the movements will change to: Back Squat / Push Jerk/ Deadlift.

We will also work in 1 Oly day in the CrossFit program during the week to keep things snappy and get more frequency under a heavy Oly bar. The main event for this month is our Veteran’s Day workout: Chad.

We programmed this last year, and we are excited to program it again this year! We saw some prep for the workout last month, and we hope you took advantage of it and feel confident going into this burley workout! The other main event will be Thanksgiving!

We will keep our heads down and train hard through this month, and then it’s on to the final month of the year.


Recap of October Programming Highlights 

  • 1RM Overhead/Front Squat + Power Clean + Bench Press Test
  • Retest of workouts Devil On My Shoulders + Infinity Loop  
  • Gymnastics Skill/ Strength Day  
  • GPP Conditioning Focus

CrossFit Programming November Highlights 

  • Strength Focuses…
    • (1) Heavy Oly Day   
    • (1) Back Squat Day (Wave Loading)
    • (1) Push Jerk Day (Wave Loading)
    • (1) Deadlift Day (Wave Loading)
  • Metcon Focuses…
    • (2-3) Moderate Time Domains
    • (1-2) Short Time Domains 
    • (1-2) Long Time Domains 
    • (2-3) Benchmark Retests
    • (1) Partner Workout on Saturdays
  • November Strength Cycle
    • Front/Back Squat / Push Jerk / Deadlift
      • W1 – 10-8-6-8-6-4
      • W2 – 8-6-4-6-4-2
      • W3 – 6-4-2-4-3-2
      • W4 – 12-10-8
      • W5 – Test Front/Back Squat / Push Jerk / Deadlift  

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