October 2021 Newsletter – Let’s Talk Numbers!

Let’s talk numbers!

Whether you love them or loathe them, you can’t avoid numbers in life.

Think about all the places they come up: speed limits, prices, phone numbers, bank accounts, appointment times and so on. (We won’t even talk about doing taxes!)

Numbers are also a big deal to us. Here’s why: Numbers help us track your progress. Without this info, it’s harder to create milestones and then celebrate as you pass them. 

I’m not saying you have to become obsessed and log every number from every workout. That works for some people, but others prefer less drag. Instead of documenting everything, they focus only on benchmarks and numbers that relate to specific goals. These are the “Big Deal” numbers. 

For some, it’s less about logging workout numbers and more about tracking habits: e.g., “I made it to the gym four times a week for 10 weeks in a row” or “I had veggies at every dinner this week.”

Whatever works for you, I want to remind you to track your progress in some way. We’re going to review your progress together at regular intervals, but in between those check-ins, I want to make sure you feel the momentum and stay energized as milestones pass. Give yourself something to work toward and celebrate!

What’s the best way to track? 

It comes down to personal preference. Some people have physical log books complete with sweat stains and a dusting of protein powder. Some use simple spreadsheets. And others use one of the many cool workout- or goal-tracking apps out there. 

The best system is the one you enjoy using—but pick one and enter those digits! Doing so accomplishes two things: It will keep you focused on a goal, and it will provide motivation as you see how far you’ve come. 

“Even though I had a tough workday, I’m heading to the gym because I’m getting closer to X every day!” Or: “Wow! I could only lift X last year at this time. I’m twice as strong now!”

Because we’re talking numbers today, I want to ask two questions: Are any numbers making you smile right now? And are any of them not changing fast enough? 

Let me know.

If you’re mowing down milestones, I’d love to hear about a few that you’ve left in the rearview mirror. If there’s a milestone that still seems way off, I can give you some ideas about how to move faster. Either way, let me know what’s on your mind right now!

One more thing …

I’ve also got a request for you: If you haven’t done so, would you take a minute to leave us a Google review? I’d really appreciate it!

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