October Programming Focus

October is here! The fourth quarter of 2020.

This marks the home stretch of a year has felt unforgiving at times for everyone. At CrossFit FIXX, we are turning the corner and looking to bring back a sense of normalcy for our members!

Heading into October we continue on down the spooky road to a 10RM for our Deadlift, Back Squat, and Strict Press. The first week of the month will actually be the halfway point of our strength cycle. We have 2 weeks of sets of 6’s and then we make the climb back up through sets of 8, and finally finish off with our 10RM’s in the third week of October! Even though the reps are climbing, athletes should still be trying to increase their weight each week! The hope is that after this strength cycle is done athletes will have a better understanding of loading for both low and high volume strength sessions leading to them choosing weights a bit more accurately and effectively in the future!

Once athletes finish their 10RM in the third week of the month they will have the awesome opportunity to come back the next week and test 3RM’s for the Front Squat, Strict Press, Power Clean, and Deadlift — absolute CLASSIC tests of strength. Essentially as soon as we are done with our 10RM’s we are going to focus on creating a baseline for our 3RM’s in the above movements by testing them. This baseline will then take us into another 6-weeks of strength training that will use various volume, loading, and formats to get stronger. At the end of the cycle (which will be mid-November) we will retest our 3RM’s! These 3RM tests will also be paired with some Baseline Test Flights, which are workouts that were created to test and retest our  main strength and conditioning goals. We will also retest these at the 6 week mark. “But coach, is that enough time to improve?” This 6 weeks is going to be some intensive training that will gear everyone up for success at the end of 6 weeks. Lots of focused training for a quick turn and lots of PRs! We cannot wait for the next 6 weeks to really show athletes what they are capable of doing…let’s go to work FIXX!



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