Optimize Your CrossFit Open Experience

The CrossFit Open kicks off this week with workout 21.1 being revealed this Thursday, March 11 at 6pm MST. Whether this is your first time participating in the Open, or you are a seasoned veteran, everyone wants to feel prepared when it is time for the action. A little preparation can go a long way. Here are a few tips to help you better prepare and ensure you’re ready when it’s 3..2..1..GO time!

She’s laughing with him…


It is important to stay loose, mobile, and stretched out throughout the entire body. This will help you be better prepared physically for anything that gets thrown at you in an Open workout. Perform a quick daily mobility routine or get in a couple of yoga sessions in the days prior to the workout. Don’t forget to stretch AFTER your workout, too! This helps alleviate any soreness associated with what you just did in the workout.

Stretch, people!!


It is going to be helpful to be rested up and ready to go when it’s time to hit the WOD. Do your best to get to bed at a reasonable hour the nights leading up to the event. It is also important to be consistent with your wake up times, too. Consistency in your rest times helps your body to recover efficiently and be ready for the day ahead.  

Rest is important!


We often take this for granted.. but what you put in our body affects everything about how your body functions. Yes, this of course includes physical performance! Do your best to eat clean, non processed foods and stay away from alcohol and sweets (save it for the celebration after the Open workout!!). Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, even days before you do the workout.

If you want to look like Mason, you better eat your Wheaties.


The Open is always an exciting time where anticipation could get the best of you. Don’t stress. No matter what gets thrown at you during an Open workout, try not to get worked up about it. Remember….it’s only a workout!!

Remember, It’s only a workout!


This is the most important part. No matter how grueling and torturous these workouts may get, celebrate the fact that you are participating in the largest fitness competition in the world with over 14,000 CrossFit affiliates and hundreds of thousands of participants! Team up with some friends and start some friendly competition,  or contact your local CrossFit affiliate and suffer with others just as crazy as you, because misery loves company! For a small fee, you can sign up to be on the worldwide leaderboard at games.crossfit.com, or join the Team Intramural Competition with us at CrossFit FIXX! Find out the details at FixxTeamComp2021.wodifyrise.com.

Have fun!!

Try these tips and share some of your own. Good luck to all of you in this year’s CrossFit Open!


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