CrossFit Fixx – Rowing

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Review Rowing Stroke Form:

Pick Drill – 10-15 of each piece

Push with legs only (torso leaning forward slightly)

Then: Hip swing only 11 o’clock – 1 o’clock

Then: Hip swing plush quick arms – pull handle into belly and release, then lean forward (11 – 1)

Then: Hip swing, arms pull and release, lean forward and slide HALF WAY forward. Half slides only.

FINALLY: Put it all together and do 10-15 good full strokes!


2 rounds

10 air squats

10 plank shoulder taps

10 good mornings

:30 deep squat hold


Strap-free Tabata! Damper @10

without strapping in your feet, following a tabata timing, row :20/ rest :10 x 8 sets. KEEP THOSE FEET PUSHED AGAINST THE PLATES! If you lift your toes, you will fly off the seat!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

30:00 AMRAP

*Don’t forget to adjust damper back to between 4-7

3:00 row

15 Goblet Squats to target (ball or small box)

15 DB Floor Press

15 Weighted Glute Bridges



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