Rowing – Sat, Dec 17

CrossFit Fixx – Rowing

Warm Up

10:00 Warm-up:

3:00 Foam Roll

:30/:30 Groiner w/twist

1:00 Seated wide-legged forward fold

on ROW(erg)

1:00 Straight legs, hip swing + pull

1:00 1/2 Slide Stroke

1:00 Full Slide Stroke

2:00 AMRAP 5 hard push, 5 easy

7500 m Row (Time)

Set Row(erg):

Menu/Select Workout/New Workout/Single Distance/ 7500m

* Every 500m, 5 Hard Push with legs, then settle back in to steady strokes.

24-28 Strokes per minute…

35:00 Time Cap

3:00 easy paddle recovery and foam roll


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