So why is nutrition important for a CrossFit athlete?

Some might argue that CrossFit athletes are some of the fittest athletes out there. And if you’ve done even a few CrossFit WODs or MetCons you’ll likely agree that you have GOT to have at least some level of fitness to get through them! 

Some might even compare a CrossFit athlete to something like a…race car!  Go with me here. Let’s compare, shall we?  To be great on the track (car) and in the gym (athlete), do these two things need to have speed? (check and check). Agility? (check and check). Mobility? (check and check). Strength? (check and check). Endurance? (check and check AGAIN!). 

Some might say that CrossFit athletes should focus their time and energy on building that strength, endurance, mobility, agility and speed through more practice in the gym.  BUT…let’s go back to that race car analogy. 

Wait…athletes are like race cars?

Are race cars successful at races simply because they get lots of reps on the track? Burnin’ that rubber over and over? Heck nah. They are successful because they have strong, functional, high quality parts like suspension, transmission, tires, alternators. They get high quality fuel. All their parts are greased and oiled and carefully tended to. In fact, some might say that a particular race car is successful largely because of what happens off the track, before and after the race, not on the track. 

Would you have a super valuable racecar that you simply drag out of the garage, make it run a ton of laps and throw it right back in the garage to wait until the next race?  Wouldn’t you want to take time before the race to make sure it had adequate fuel to run as efficiently as possible? To make sure the parts were made of high quality materials – not something out of a junkyard? To make sure all the tires and joints and crankshafts were adequately greased and running smoothly? And wouldn’t you make sure you replenished and cared for all of those same things after the race?

Similarly, for a CrossFit athlete to find success in things like strength, endurance, mobility, agility and speed, the real work is in what happens before and after the gym…NUTRITION!

Treat your body like a Ferrari!

You have a super amazing, miracle of a body like a fancy race car.  If you give it low quality, processed carbs (aka fuel), not enough quality protein (aka junk yard parts), and no healthy fats to keep those parts running at tip top shape (aka oils and lubrication) and THEN you drag it out of the house and make it push its limits at a WOD at the gym, your amazing race car/body won’t win too many races for long!  Want success in the gym? You gotta give your body what it needs to reach its potential!

Do you need support in the WHAT or the HOW to make sure you are fueling your body to ensure you have strength, endurance, mobility, agility and speed for a long time to come? Let us help you! Our nutrition kickstart begins on August 28th. Click this link to register and establish or reestablish healthy habits to support your work in the gym! 



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