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Founder Brice Helms


Brice Helms

I started my first gym job at the NAU Rec Center as a Weight Room Attendant back in 1997. Not too long after, I realized that I wanted to have a career in fitness. I got certified as a Personal Trainer in 2002, and became a full time trainer in 2003, and finally started my own business, Framework Fitness Training, in 2014.

I then became the new owner of CrossFit FIXX in April of 2017. I got my first taste of CrossFit back in 2005. I was working in a personal training studio, and one of the trainers came across the HQ website, I found that I started incorporating a lot of what CrossFit was doing into my own programs for clients. I was seeing great results in both my clients’, and my own, fitness. My favorite thing about being a gym owner is watching people reach fitness levels that they didn’t think was ever possible. It makes it worthwhile knowing that I played a small part in helping someone live a happier and healthier life! My first bright spot at FIXX, when I became owner, was that the entire coaching staff stayed on. Even the previous owners stuck around to help coach, continue working on their fitness, and help ensure a smooth transition at FIXX. That’s when I knew that FIXX was a special place for a lot of people. My personal fitness mantra has always been “workout to feel good”. When your body feels good and healthy, so will your attitude and outlook on life. It helps make everything else better!

Nutrition Coach

Vanessa Helms

My fitness journey began in 2005 when I became a certified group fitness instructor. While I have always been interested in fitness and health, group exercise instruction was my "side gig." My full time career was focused in the helping professions.

I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling and whether in case management, counseling or crisis intervention, my focus was on working with individuals to identify their biggest concerns and to empower them to make positive changes in their lives. During the pandemic, when my stress, eating and drinking had gotten the best (or should I say worst) of me, I decided enough is enough! Through trial and error and lots of soul searching, I found ways to establish positive eating habits and revamp my relationship with food. Because of my personal experiences, I found a passion for positive nutritional health and became a certified nutrition coach. I now get to transfer the same ideas and techniques of behavior change with which I’ve worked for over 20 years in Social Services, to work with clients to make positive changes in their nutrition habits. Helping people find even better versions of themselves is one of my favorite things about nutrition coaching.



My CrossFit journey began in 2015. I was asked to teach yoga at a box in Houston and after attending my first class, I knew I'd found my thing. Coaching was a harder sell, but I love learning more about the movements and sharing that with the athletes. Helping others become more efficient (and working on that myself) is very rewarding.



I started CrossFit around the same time I became a firefighter. I quickly found that this exercise style is the most beneficial to what I do for a living. I love that every day is different, but we always work towards a goal.

Like a typical millennial, I love the gratification of accomplishment, like getting double-unders or a muscle-up for the first time. As a coach, I enjoy seeing someone’s healthy development, which proves that hard work and determination pay off. A fun fact about me is that I received an award for Ironman All-World Athlete in 2017.


Mario Cruz

My CrossFit journey started in my senior year of college, I was extremely overweight and deconditioned. My neighbor invited me to her gym so she could get a referral discount, and after 150 Wall Balls, I loved it and signed up.

After college I found myself back in Mexico City and the gym I started working out in is owned by a CrossFit Education Staff member and was invited to start the journey as a coach.

My favorite thing about coaching is giving people the benefits and excitement of movement and health that my coaches gave me. One of my favorite moments that represents this was my sisters first pull-up.

My fun fact is that I learned how to play D&D listening to Podcast.

Coach Lexi Nash


Lexi Nash

I began going to CrossFit about 5 years ago, and actually COVID and the lock down is when I really developed my passion for CrossFit. Durring this time I worked 1 on 1 with my head coach learning more about CrossFit and the movements in the workouts which grew my confidence as well as made me appreciate how important it is to have a wonderful coach.

Because if my amazing coach I decided to get my L1 and begin coaching as well!

My favorite thing about coaching is when my athlete finally gets it! When it clicks and you see the excitement in their eyes and face. When my athletes execute a movement, get a new PR and walk out of the gym feeling better then they did upon arrival, I know I’ve done my job and to me that is the best feeling!

A fun fact about me I’ve ran 5 full marathons!

Coach Josh Varnado


Josh Varnado

My CrossFit journey began when I became a little bored with normal weightlifting on a daily basis. My wife suggested that I try CrossFit.
I took the CrossFit L1 Seminar about 1 month after starting CrossFit. Once I got done with that I began looking for a gym to coach at where I could learn.

My favorite thing about coaching is helping people better themselves when they think they cannot. The success stories keep me going.

One fun fact about me is I was a professional race car mechanic before coaching.

Coach Uti Trujillo


Uti Trujillo

CrossFit began for me in November of 2012. I was asked about a million times from a buddy of mine to try out this “group class thing” and wasn’t interested. I finally caved that fall and found something I wish I had started years before. I still remember my first WOD 7min of burpees and empty bar thrusters. I was hooked!

A few months after starting CF I was enthralled in wanting to move better and wanting to know how to move better. I got my L1 originally in the Spring of 2013. Best decision I ever made.

One of my favorite things about being a coach is being able to help others feel their own “ah ha” moment. I truly enjoy being able to find the right cue, the right words or demo to help someone move with improved safety and efficiency.

One fun fact about myself. -My nickname for decades of my life was “Chubbs”. Thanks to a great bunch of soccer team members. 🙂

Coach Anna Smith


Anna Smith

My journey into CF started with bootcamps at Fixx. With my youngest child in preschool, I had time to get back into a fitness routine. 6 months later, I transitioned to the CF classes and here I am, 5 years later.

About a year after I started CF, another coach suggested I would make a good coach as well. I have always been obsessed with learning technique, good form and trying to get it “right.” I found out another friend at the gym was going to take her L1 soon, so I decided to sign up as well. Right after the L1, all of us coaches then got our Concept2 Rowing Certs as well. I have been coaching for 3 1/2 years at FIXX.

Seeing an athlete finally click with their technique, or with a particular cue that I have given, is always satisfying. Everyone is always so supportive and encouraging of each other.

I am a Tucson native. I come from a big family. My husband and I have 3 amazing kids. I am a proud military spouse and mother!


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