THE CrossFit Fixx STORY

Brice Helms - OWNER

I started my first gym job at the NAU Rec Center as a Weight Room Attendant back in 1997. Not too long after, I realized that I wanted to have a career in fitness. I got certified as a Personal Trainer in 2002, and became a full time trainer in 2003, and finally started my own business, Framework Fitness Training, in 2014. I then became the new owner of CrossFit FIXX in April of 2017.

I got my first taste of CrossFit back in 2005. I was working in a personal training studio, and one of the trainers came across the HQ website, crossfit.com.

I found that I started incorporating a lot of what CrossFit was doing into my own programs for clients. I was seeing great results in both my clients’, and my own, fitness.

My favorite thing about being a gym owner is watching people reach fitness levels that they didn’t think was ever possible. It makes it worthwhile knowing that I played a small part in helping someone live a happier and healthier life!

My first bright spot at FIXX, when I became owner, was that the entire coaching staff stayed on. Even the previous owners stuck around to help coach, continue working on their fitness, and help ensure a smooth transition at FIXX. That’s when I knew that FIXX was a special place for a lot of people.

My personal fitness mantra has always been “workout to feel good”. When your body feels good and healthy, so will your attitude and outlook on life. It helps make everything else better!

OUR coaches

Heiselle Marquez


My favorite thing about being a coach is when athletes/clients achieve things they thought to be impossible for them. Not only a heavy lift or a complex movement, but also 'non-gym related' things, like changing bad habits and making healthier choices by improving their nutrition/lifestyles. That then trickles over into other areas of their life and into relationships they have. They become little beacons of light!

Some “bright spots” as a Coach: when I’m able to use a cue that makes something “click” for an athlete; when I’m able to correct or modify someone’s form, now making that particular exercise pain-free for that athlete; athletes having fun! Seeing athletes improve from class to class, session to session, makes me proud. I love a good ol’ “Thanks, Coach!, “Thanks, Heiselle!”. I never take that for granted and it always makes my day.

Some of my favorite moments as an athlete are: being able to RX some WODs (this has taken YEARS) and when I PR a lift! My favorite WODs are those with little to no running!

Love my Fixx fam! <3

Curtis Freeman


I absolutely enjoy helping athletes obtain their goals. To help them get a PR, maybe their first pull-up, or to see how their eyes light up when they climb the rope for the first time. It really makes all the hard work worthwhile! I started in 2012 and was certified in Olympic Weight Lifting through USAWF and Iron Athlete. One of my favorite things is to help brighten the day of our athletes, not everyone loves the workouts everyday but I make it my job to make every workout special for them.

I could say everyday I come to the gym whether to coach or train is special but my best moments so far have been coaching and taking several athletes, to include my wife, to a OLY Weightlifting meet and doing their best!

Tawnya Freeman


I started CrossFit in 2012, a friend of mine asked me to join her for a workout at a CrossFit gym that was owned by her friend. I took one class and never looked back. As an athlete I wanted to further my skills, so I got my Level 1 CrossFit Certification (now Level 2 in 2020!). At first I did not expect to be a coach, it fell into my lap. The gym owner asked me if I would be interested in coaching a few classes. I honestly enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals. CrossFit is a community within which you establish friendships.

I have been coaching since 2015. I really enjoy helping, encouraging, and seeing athletes reach their goals. Every day that I coach, I really enjoy encouraging, and training athletes. I look for opportunities to help each athlete reach their full potential every time I coach.

Anna Smith


I love being a coach! I love helping people move, get stronger, improve their form. I want every person to have a great experience, each and every class. Being a teacher long ago, this satisfies that "inner teacher" in me!

Bright spots as a coach are simply when people have a great workout, or have a tip/technique “click” for the first time. I am always learning, as an athlete and coach. I love practicing with the barbell, especially the really technical stuff. Every day is something new, and I hope to keep doing this for a very long time!

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