April Programming Focus

March was chock full of some serious fitness! This month kicked off our focus of Squatting and Olympic lifting seeing each 2x/week beginning with lighter loads and dialing in technique through challenging positions with tempos and focused complexes respectively. We wrapped up three weeks of the Open and while it was fun, I think we can all agree that we were ready to move on! The month finished with our Leading Ladies of Fitness week, an ode to Women’s History Month. We were so excited to approach this beast of a week with a well thought out plan of attack and loved including 5 Classics!

          Going into April, we will be continuing with our bi-monthly focus on Squatting and Olympic lifting as we keep increasing the loading on the barbell for both moving towards the Heavy weight designations for the Back and Front Squats while getting to the Moderate-Heavy range in the OHS now that athletes are continuing to increase their exposure to the lift in our Strength pieces.

          The month will kick-off with “Diane” and an NCFIT Benchmark “Straight 100” in week 1 and will include a new named workout weekly! The Chief is coming to play in the middle of April, a classic barbell cycling and gymnastic combo! Another key benchmark to be excited for is finding our Max Strict Pull-Ups, this is one that we teased a few weeks back in March to get an idea of where we were at before retesting it again in April. “Power Plus Amanda” made an appearance during our Ladies Week and will be seen again in late May. We love to incorporate a name to some of the toughest workouts of the week to give it some identity and make it a talking point between coaches, owners, athletes, and everyone’s social media alike!



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