CrossFit Fixx Member Highlight – Aaron Hammond!!

We asked Fixx athlete, Aaron Hammond, a few questions about his CrossFit journey…

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

“I came to CrossFit Fixx because I had been working out at a local gym and was absolutely miserable.  I’ve never been a fan of working out just for the sake of exercise. I enjoy exercise when I’m doing something else as my primary focus.  I HATED working out by myself, and would spend an hour and a half trying to get my heart rate up to a decent level through a combination of aerobic exercises and weights. I would find myself making excuses why I couldn’t go.  Eventually, I realized I had to do something to change it.  I stopped in, met with one of the coaches, and explained some of my concerns about CrossFit.  I had heard CrossFit athletes were at high risk for injury.  He informed me that the coaches would keep me safe.  I signed up for the three free trial classes, forced my wife to come with me (she didn’t want to), and we’ve been coming as much as possible for the last two plus years!”

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

“My first impression was how friendly and encouraging everyone was.  Not just the coaches, EVERYONE.  I couldn’t believe the other athletes were going out of their way to root for me and congratulate me.  It was a totally different vibe than I had from the meatheads at the previous gym who were only interested in speaking to you if you looked like a professional bodybuilder.  That hasn’t changed.  The only thing that has changed is how many more good friends I have because of CrossFit Fixx.  We even socialize outside of the gym, something I wouldn’t have ever believed when I first set foot in the box.”

What was your first “bright spot”? (Positive moment)

“There are two memories I have…I’ll never forget the day that I actually made it up the dreaded rope climb.  Not only did I make it up once, but during that workout I made it to the top six additional times!  I had tried climbing that stupid rope for over 40 years and never made it.  Then to make it 7 times in one day??? I still can’t believe it when I make it to the top! The other one was right after the gym was closed during the pandemic and I had to exercise on my own.  I’ve never been a runner, but I went out one night after work and ran over three miles–without stopping! When I started I could barely run 1/4 mile.”

What are you working on now?

“I’m just working on overall strength and fitness.  I can’t believe how much stronger I am since I began attending classes, and it’s also helped me with some chronic injuries I’ve dealt with.  My cardio is much better as well.”

What is your favorite FIXX memory?

“My favorite memories are the social aspects.  Just the friends I’ve made, getting together for the open games and everyone hanging out and laughing after the games are over, hanging out with fellow athletes outside the gym.  It’s really a great group of people.”

Do you have a favorite movement? Favorite WOD?

“I really enjoy the barbell.  Doesn’t really matter which lift we are doing.  I love being able to see the progress I make, especially when I shatter a previous personal record.  I can’t say I have a favorite WOD, but when I get to do one (like the workout I had today) where I don’t think I can do the prescribed weight or movement, but somehow manage to complete it anyway–it’s extremely satisfying.”



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