CrossFit FIXX Member Highlight – Erick Loveres!

Read how Erick found his way to CrossFit, and our box!

“I was introduced to CrossFit by my sister 8 years

ago. I remember signing up for a free class and thought to

myself, these people are crazy! I would never do this again!

8 years later, and with a new baby changing our lives

completely, I decided to give CrossFit another go.

I google searched for the closest box within my zip code

and was surprised to find so many. I went ahead and

scheduled my very first class with FIXX, and right away, I

knew this was the box for me.

My first impression was the 5 am class is small and had a very tight knit

family feel. At the same time, they were very welcoming and treated me as if I’d

been a member for years. The coaches are outstanding! Each one had a

different approach, but made sure no one gets injured, and had a great work


My first “bright spot” was completing an RX workout for the very first time.

I remembered being so proud that I immediately called my sister and bragged

about it pretty much the whole day.

At this point, I’m working on just trying to get back to my routine again.

With life changes due to COVID, a toddler and a pregnant wife, life’s been a little

more hectic than normal. 2021 can’t come soon enough!

My most unforgettable and favorite moment with FIXX was finally nailing a

ring muscle up. I remember seeing the muscle up club one day at the gym and

thought to myself “this is my ultimate goal!”. It definitely took a lot of practice

and dedication, especially with my diet and workout routines. Thank you FIXX

coaches and FIXX family! Thank you for being awesome and welcoming me to

your box!”



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