February 2024 CrossFit Programming Focus

PR’s Are Coming

We started off the year building our Back Squat and Deadlift, simple lifts that pay BIG dividends. This cycle was different because each lifting session came AFTER a short primer workout. This was meant to replicate previous CrossFit Open formats where athletes are asked to lift post-workout… so we decided that to prime the pump for that possibility, we would complete our strength post-workout!

We also tackled our January Benchmark: Death Row…if that doesn’t set the tone for 2024, we don’t know what will! We saw at least one previous CrossFit Open workout each week, plus some other infamous benchmarks, such as Coach Mario’s all-time favorite, “Karen“. Let’s shift gears and see what is in store for February! 

First, we are going to finish our strength cycle with a 1 Rep Max test for the Back Squat and Deadlift.

This will happen the week of 2/5, so mark your calendars and eat your Wheaties.

Our February Benchmark, The Chief, is a double threat…it counts as our monthly benchmark AND Hero Workout. Don’t let that fool you, though, because you will see Diane sometime this month, along with some other fun workouts!

We will still see skill sessions throughout the month + old CrossFit Open workouts to prep for the Open, which starts on 2/29! Once this week hits, we will format the higher RPEs towards the beginning of the week and taper off to a recovery workout on Thursday before hitting the Open Workout on Friday!

This month is going to be over before you know it, so get ready to throw down in the final weeks before the CrossFit Open! 

Progressive Overload Cycle 1/1-2/11

  • W1 – 5×5 @RPE 6
  • W2 – 6×4 @RPE 7
  • W3 – 7×3 @RPE 8
  • W4 – 8×2 @RPE 9
  • W5 – 5×5 Deload Week 
  • W6 – 1RM Tests

Workout Weekly February Commitments 

  • (1x/ Week) Back Squat/ Deadlift (Post Metcon)
  • (2x/ Week) RPE 9-10 Workouts 
  • (1x/ Week) Past CrossFit Open Workout 
  • (1x/ Week) Workout of the Week or Benchmark/ Classic workout 
  • (1x/ Week) Partner Workout 


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