Rowing – Sat, Dec 10

CrossFit Fixx – Rowing

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 sets:
10/10 ankle rolls / 10 Alt Lunges
10 Bootstrappers
5/5 Side Lunges
1:00 Cardio

Speed work (No Measure)

Row tabata (8x :20 work/:10 rest)
rest 1:00
Ski tabata (8x :20 work/:10 rest)
rest 1:00
Bike tabata (8x :20 work/:10 rest)
*switch as needed to use ski ergs

Steady… (Time)

Steady …
Pick 3 work pieces:
Row 1000m
Bike 70/60 Cal
Run 800m
Ski 4:30
* We will rest 1:00 in between working sets!
If additional modifications or movements are needed, please ask coach!
17:00 Cap


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