August 2021 CrossFit Programming Focus

August has an awesome line-up, but before we get to that, let’s take a quick stroll through what July had to offer us!

July began with the start of our 9-week Wendler Strength cycle with a Heavy 1-Rep test for each of the three major lifts, Back Squat, Deadlift, and Shoulder Press. We utilized the “Training Max” approach to loading for this Wendler, meaning that the percentages used each day were based on 90% of the established Heavy 1-Rep weight in week 1 testing. This approach is crucial to the athlete’s ability to work through all of the sets with perfect form, never miss a rep, and adequately recover during training without overloading their body.

In week 5, the final week of July, we upped that Training Max slightly to continue progressing through the cycle and starting the next round of 5-3-1 until we culminate with a re-test at the end of August. We stayed on course with our fast Sub-10:00 workouts while getting the Benchmarks in that fit the bill like the classic, Grace. July also featured a first for our programming when we introduced the NCCOMPETE 3 part workout series that began on (7/21) with 1 workout each week. This is a fun way to incorporate the “game day” feel of a competition workout as well as bringing some hype to our fitness community both within the gym and on a more broad scale on social media!

With August upon us, we are fired up for a huge finish to our 2021 Wendler Strength (5-3-1) cycle!

The first week of August is the 6th week of this cycle as it continues to progress towards a re-test of the three lifts; Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift. This is a long cycle that has been a major part of each week, and while it can feel somewhat repetitive for athletes week in and week out hitting the same three lifts, the benefit of improving these core movements will be felt and seen across every workout going forward…”Strength is never a weakness”- Mark Bell!

The final full week of August (8/23), marks the 9th week of the cycle for the re-test. It’s going down!!

As far as our workouts are concerned, we will continue to keep our foot on the gas with these all out fast workouts a few times a week. In the first week of August, we wrap up our 3 Workout NCCOMPETE series with an absolute banger! Sprinkled into the mix is a few re-tests of Benchmarks we saw earlier in the year including; Mary, Straight 100, Rannie, and Death Row. One Benchmark will be making its way from its original planned month of July to Join the party in August…CALI-BEAR!!!!

August is a heavy month, pun intended, and is going to be chock full of tests and re-tests and we are here for it! See you at FIXX!

FIXX July/Aug Wendler Cycle

Week 1 of 9 (6/28) –  Heavy 1-Rep Test

Week 2 of 9 (7/5) –    3×5 (@65%-75%-85%)

Week 3 of 9 (7/12) –  3×3 (@70%-80%-90%)

Week 4 of 9 (7/19)  – 1×5/1×3/1×1+ (@75%-85%-95%)

Week 5 of 9 (7/26) –  3×5 (Increase TM) (@65%-75%-85%)

Week 6 of 9 (8/2) –    3×3 (@70%-80%-90%)

Week 7 of 9 (8/9) –    1×5/1×3/1×1+ (@75%-85%-95%)

Week 8 of 9 (8/16) –  3×5 (@40%-50%-60%)

Week 9 of 9 (8/23) –  Heavy 1-Rep Re-Test



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