May 2024 CrossFit Programming Focus

We’re closing in on the halfway point of 2024, but before we talk about May, let’s review April and everything we worked on! First, we saw the beginning of our Volume/ Capacity cycle for the Overhead/Front Squat + Bench Press that carried through the month. Each week the reps got a little lower with the intent of increasing the weight!

We saw some big benchmark workouts like Ava, The Filthy Fifty, and Holleyman…we will also get the opportunity to retest Death Row this week and see the engine improvement!

The Strict Handstand Push-Up showed up a few times during the month, both as a skill session and in workouts…the goal was to develop strength/ awareness while inverted, and even if this didn’t result in your first Strict HSPU, it still helped get some practice upside down!

We saw a change in the conditioning focus, too. We are working on rowing capacity for the next few months, which means 2-3 GRIND workouts per week! Lastly, we saw the beginning of our 4-week extra credit Murph Prep, which will lead us up to Memorial Day and make sure everyone is ready to rock! Since we’re talking about Murph, let’s see what May has in store!

The first full week of May is going to start on a high note as we test our 3 Rep Max for the OH/Front Squat & Bench Press!

Once the strength cycle is done, we go back to general physical preparedness (GPP) lifting, which will consist of barbell complexes and strength days, but there will not be a linear progression behind them. We will continue to get stronger by varying our strength movements!

We have a special Cinco De Mayo workout, a great Mother’s Day Workout, our Benchmark workout: Kelly, and of course, we are tackling Murph on Memorial Day!

Throughout this month, we will see the gymnastics focus shift from Strict HSPU to building confidence/ capacity in the Toes to Bar. This will take the form of skill sessions and higher volume TTB workouts, so prep those lats and midlines!

We will still be focusing on longer GRIND workouts 2-3 times a week, so let’s get ready to keep building those engines through the month of May, especially with one of the best examples of an engine workout, Murph, right around the corner! 

Workout Weekly May Commitments 

  • Overhead/ Front Squat + Bench Press 3RM Test
  • (2x/ Week) Grind Workouts 
  • (1x/ Week) Workout of the Week or Benchmark/ Classic workout 
  • (2x/ Week) Extra Credit Murph Prep 
  • (1x/ Week) Toes to Bar Capacity/ Focus 
  • (1x/ Week) Partner Workout 

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