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CrossFit FIXX Coach/Athlete Highlight – Heiselle Márquez!!

“I found out about CrossFit Fixx through a group of girlfriends. They had found a Groupon and asked me to join them. After a TON of convincing, I made it to my first class and loved it!

A couple of years later, I was seriously considering a different career path and looking to expand upon my Science background academically. While researching graduate programs, I looked into personal training and decided to go for it! I was working an office job at the time and personal training would be a way to do what I loved all while helping people. That opened up a whole new world for me and as I continued training more clients, I decided to also obtain my CrossFit certification. I’ve been an athlete at Fixx for 5 years, a trainer for a little over 3 years and a CrossFit Coach for 2.

My favorite thing about being a coach is when athletes/clients achieve things they thought to be impossible for them. Not only a heavy lift or a complex movement, but also ‘non-gym related’ things, like changing bad habits and making healthier choices by improving their nutrition/lifestyles. That then trickles over into other areas of their life and into relationships they have. They become little beacons of light!

Some “bright spots” as a Coach: when I’m able to use a cue that makes something “click” for an athlete; when I’m able to correct or modify someone’s form, now making that particular exercise pain-free for that athlete; athletes having fun! Seeing athletes improve from class to class, session to session, makes me proud. I love a good ol’ “Thanks, Coach!, “Thanks, Heiselle!”. I never take that for granted and it always makes my day.

Some of my favorite moments as an athlete are: being able to RX some WODs (this has taken YEARS) and when I PR a lift! My favorite WODs are those with little to no running!

Love my Fixx fam! <3”

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