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Warm-Up (No Measure)

EMOM x 10 MINUTES (:40 ON/ :20 OFF)

MIN 1 – Cardio

MIN 2 – SA KB Swing (L)

MIN 3 – Curtsey Lunge + Step-Up

MIN 4 – SA KB Swing (R)

MIN 5 – Alt. V-Ups

Workout – All

EMOM x 25 MINUTES (:40 ON/ :20 OFF) (No Measure)

MIN 1 – Cardio Choice

MIN 2 – Lateral Box Step-Overs (Athlete Choice)

MIN 3 – Strict Toes to Bar*

MIN 4 – Alt. Single Leg Box Squats

MIN 5 – DBL KB Front Rack Hold (Athlete Choice)

*Strict Knees to Chest Optional.

(No Measure)

Optional Cool Down – All

2-3 SETS FOR QUALITY (No Measure)

:30 Prayer Stretch on Box

10 Alt. Wrist Push-Ups*

:30/:30 Half Pigeon Stretch on Box

*In a table top position, start with both hands in fists on the ground. Slowly unroll one hand so back of the hand is on the ground, with palms up. Roll back into a fist and switch sides.

-Rest as Needed b/t Set-

(No Measure)


Why Strength Training Is Important As You Age

People can do daily activities with a minimal amount of cardiovascular fitness, but when they don’t have the strength or the muscle power to do daily activities, that’s when they lose their independence. To build muscle, you need to do strength training!

CrossFit Workouts for Week of 2/12-2/17/2024

This week, we have some fun partner workouts, an infamous ‘girl” wod, and more skill prep for the upcoming Open. Check out what workouts we have in store for you this week!


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