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Saturday, July 8th – SUMMER SOLSTICE

3-person team competition!

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Workout Notes

– For today’s Main Lift, slowly lower the bar to the mid-thigh with the shoulders in front of the bar. Hold for :02, then snatch the bar overhead.

– Begin your first working set around 50% of your best snatch.

– For Accessory – I, start with a light load for each movement. Maybe even an empty barbell. Then, increase the load as long as the technique stays solid.

– For Accessory – II, set up a box that places the hip parallel when seated. Perform one rep each minute and build to a max-height jump.

Warm-up (Checkmark)

3 sets:

15 jumping jacks

10 PVC pass-throughs/hang muscle snatches/hang power snatches

5 seated box jumps

– Use a PVC.

– Progress to a new PVC exercise each round.

1-2 sets:

5 BTN push presses

5 BTN push jerks

5 hang muscle snatches

5 hang power snatches (pause at the mid-thigh for :02)

– Use an empty bar.

– BTN = behind-the-neck

3-4 sets:

3-5 hang power snatches (building)

– Pause with the bar at mid-thigh for :02.

Main Lift (5 Rounds for weight)

5 sets for load:

2 hang snatch high pulls

2 hang power snatches

– Rest 3:00 between sets.

Accessory – I (5 Rounds for weight)

5 sets for load:

5 Sots presses

5 hang muscle snatches

– Build in load across each set.

Accessory – II (Checkmark)

EMOM 10:

1 seated box jump

– Build to a max-height jump.



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