CrossFit FIXX Member Highlight – Christine Willour!

“The Manka family introduced me to CrossFit in August of 2015.  Our boys played lacrosse and went to school together, so I had heard the buzz about the gym opening and my interest was piqued. After recovering from a minor surgery, I was anxious to get back into a regular exercise routine. Running had been my exercise of choice but I was not pushing myself and it became boring and repetitive. 

I really loved CrossFit from the first class I attended.  Of course, I was so sore, used muscles I did not know I had, and could not walk or sit down for a week, but oddly I came back for every class.  It did not take long, and I was signing up for the unlimited class package instead of just three times a week.  

While I have had many “bright spots” at the Fixx there are two that stand out for me. The first is the group of amazing friends I have made while being there.  I look forward to seeing them every single class and many times they are what motivates me to show up.  The encouragement, the listening ear they lend, advice, and just the friendship is unsurpassed.  The second Bright Spot would be completing my first Murph in 2017 (scaled of course). The first year I was at Fixx I “passed” on even giving it a try. I kicked myself for not even trying. The second year I was there I finished it and felt pretty darn good about it.

A couple of my favorite CrossFit movements are Wallballs and any type of Cardio (well, maybe not the assault bike). I enjoy the push press/jerk and sort of like thrusters.

Every now and then I get to push the blue RX button and that is a win for me!”



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