January 2024 CrossFit Programming Focus

December ended the year strong by finishing our final strength cycle of the Back Squat, Deadlift, and Push Jerk! We also had (3) BIG Holiday themed workouts, and a NYD themed workout to ring in the holidays and new year.

The last 2-3 weeks of the month saw tried and true CrossFit programming that had a well distributed RPE range and workout types. This led to a fun “just train” mentality going into 2024 and allowed a quick reset before our new wave of training begins. The new year is upon us and so is the CrossFit Open!

This first month of 2024 is going to start a 3-month Phase titled “All Gas.”

That means over the course of 3 months we will be focusing on building everyone’s engines and top end performance during high RPE workouts. We will accomplish this by programming (2) RPE 9-10 workouts per week to help prepare us for the CF Open. We will also partner this with 1 old CF Open workout per week leading up to the Open to get everyone in the “gameday” mindset to help boost confidence for the tests ahead. Keep in mind, each month will have specific focuses so let’s dive into our January highlights!

This month we start by getting strong!

We are going into a 6 week progressive overloading cycle with the Back Squat and Deadlift ending in a 1-Rep test. These strength sessions will happen AFTER the workout to simulate a lift post-workout in the Open, and because we are confident athletes will feel better prepared to lift after a short and fast paced workout.

Our next priority is going to be our benchmark for the month: Death Row! We will test this workout in January and then re-test it again in April to see our improvement on this BEAST of a workout. We will also see the CF classic: Karen – 150 Wall Balls for time, along with a hero workout during this month as well.

While these will be the big workouts of their weeks, they might not necessarily be retested…but it can’t hurt to keep track of your score just in case. Lastly, we will see skill work that will focus around movements that commonly show up in the CF Open and that most of us should have tucked in our back pocket. This month is going to start with a BANG so let’s get ready to ring in 2024 right! 

Workout Weekly January Commitments 

  • (1x/ Week) Back Squat/ Deadlift (Post Metcon)
  • (2x/ Week) RPE 9-10 Workouts 
  • (1x/ Week) Past CF Open Workout 
  • (1x/ Week) Workout of the Week or Benchmark/ Classic workout 
  • (1x/ Week) Partner Workout 

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